Lane Cove Community Events

The Lane Cove community in my electorate has always demonstrated a selfless community spirit. Last weekend was no exception, with local residents joining together to support two major fundraising events for exceptionally worthwhile causes. The first was held on... read more

60th Anniversary of the Ensemble Theatre

Today I rise to celebrate an important milestone in the vibrant cultural life of my electorate and indeed all of Sydney: the 60th anniversary of the Ensemble Theatre. For six decades, the much-loved Ensemble has presented to audiences some of the finest international... read more

Drought fundraising efforts across our community

Like all Australians, residents of my electorate have been moved by the plight of farmers affected by the drought. Our connection with those living and working on the land runs deep, even in the heart of our great cities. That concern is manifesting itself in action,... read more

The Village Observer – 25th Birthday

Mr Speaker I rise today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the great local institutions in my electorate, The Village Observer newspaper. The Village Observer is a much-loved local publication that serves residents living in the municipalities of Lane Cove... read more

Rotary Club of North Sydney – 90th Anniversary

Mr Deputy Speaker This week the Rotary Club of North Sydney celebrates an incredible milestone, its 90th anniversary. The club was chartered on 16 August 1928, and on Thursday night it will mark its nine decades of achievement. The Rotary Club of North Sydney has been... read more

North Sydney Community Awards 2018

Nominate an Unsung Hero I am organising the 2018 North Sydney Community Awards to recognise the many volunteers and community organisations that work to make our area a better place. The awards provide an opportunity to say thank you to those who work in our... read more

Annual School Leaders Lunch

I’m proud to represent an electorate which is home to some of Sydney’s finest government and non-government schools. I see this in all my interactions with local schools, and it was reaffirmed when earlier this month I hosted my annual lunch for year 12... read more

Rotary in our community

At this time of year, over 1,100 Rotary clubs across Australia are meeting for their annual changeover dinners. It will be a time of camaraderie for members of those clubs but, more importantly, an opportunity to reflect on their achievements over the past year and to... read more

Red Shield Appeal 2018

This weekend thousands of volunteers will be joining the Salvos in knocking on doors for the annual Red Shield Appeal. This is perhaps Australia’s best recognised fundraising drive as the Appeal has now been in operation for over 50 years. I want to encourage... read more